What’s the Difference Between RV Insurance and Mobile Homeowners Insurance?

We might use the terms “RV” and “mobile home” interchangeably, but when it comes to insurance, they’re quite different. RV and mobile home insurance policies in Corydon, IN have different coverage types, specialized terms and options that set them apart. Choosing the right type for your vehicle and needs is the key to making sure you’re covered in case something unexpected happens.

RV insurance

RVs, or recreational vehicles, include pop-up campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers and motor homes. Typically, RV policies will cover collisions as well as provide comprehensive coverage and liability coverage, similar to auto insurance. If your RV can be driven independently, it must be insured, but if it’s a trailer, it may not need to be. Of course, it’s always smart to insure your camper, especially if you’ll be storing clothes, electronics and other possessions inside.

To decide which type of insurance you need, you’ll first need to determine which class your vehicle is in, and then look at policy coverage.

Class A RVs are what we think of as luxury coaches, including buses. They can be up to 75 feet long and include bathroom and dining areas and panoramic windows, and do not depend on a chassis. Some have optional “pull-out” living spaces for when the vehicle is stopped.

Class B RVs are smaller coaches, like pop-up trailers, camper vans and travel trailers. They typically do not have a cab-over setup, but they may include kitchens, water heaters, toilets and showers.

Class C RVs are fifth-wheel vehicles or cargo vans with a sleeping area over the cab.

As you can see, the term “RV” encompasses all recreational vehicles, whereas “mobile home” refers more to the Class A and B vehicles, which are designed for living in for extended periods of time.

RVs are larger than standard cars and trucks, which makes them more likely to get into accidents or cause property damage. Even if your state doesn’t require RV insurance for trailers and campers, it’s smart to get it anyway—if an accident happens, you might end up paying out of pocket for damages and replacing belongings.

RV insurance types include liability, comprehensive, accident, under- or uninsured motorists, total loss replacement, towing and roadside assistance, collision and contents insurance.

Mobile homeowners insurance

Mobile homeowners insurance in Corydon, IN is a type of RV insurance that offers coverage designed to protect your possessions as well as from accidents and other property damage. In addition to liability coverage (which is the minimum required in most states), your mobile homeowners insurance should protect the contents of your RV, which is important if you’re going to be living in it for a long period of time. Your regular homeowners insurance will usually not cover personal effects that are damaged or stolen when you’re away from your home.

In order to determine what kind of RV or mobile homeowners insurance is right for your vehicle in Corydon, IN, consult with the experts at Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency. We can tailor policies to fit your needs, and will help you decide how to get the most bang for your buck—call us today for a free quote.

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