Is My New Car Covered When I Drive Off the Lot if I Already Have Auto Insurance?

Whether you are out car shopping after months of thoughtful consideration or just on a whim, you may find yourself in a position where you are trading in your vehicle for a new one. In the excitement of getting a new car, perhaps it slipped your mind to figure out the details pertaining to your auto insurance. Replacement coverage in Corydon, IN is much easier to manage than many people expect, though.

If you can, call beforehand

Many people know ahead of time when they are going to purchase a new vehicle. If that is the case for you, call us about new car coverage in Corydon, IN today. Before you head to the dealership, get in touch with the Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency or your insurance provider to discuss your upcoming purchase so you are prepared before you drive off the lot.

If you already know exactly what car you are purchasing, call your insurance agent with the vehicle identification number (VIN) and the purchase price. Your agent can get you covered before you leave the dealership with your brand-new vehicle.

You can also review your policy before you go to buy a new car to learn about the kind of coverage available. These details will be included with the paperwork provided about your policy so you know exactly how your new car is protected before you update your insurance.

Four-day grace period

We, along with many other insurance companies, provide a grace period for people who purchase new vehicles. This means you are provided with automatic coverage for a new vehicle equal to the broadest coverage you have on current cars or trucks. For a period of four days (this varies), you have insurance coverage until you get in touch with your agent to make necessary adjustments.

However, you should be aware that your coverage is only as good as what you had previously. That means the coverage that was enough for an older model vehicle might not cover everything for your brand-new car or truck. This is particularly important for those who only own one car.

If you own multiple vehicles, your new car will have the greatest level of coverage provided to any other automobile on your policy. So, if you bought a new car last year for your spouse, you would have a few days of coverage that’s as good as what you have for that vehicle.

First cars

The grace period does not apply to those who have never needed auto insurance coverage. In fact, new drivers buying their first cars or trucks need to get in touch with an insurance agent prior to making their purchase. Skipping this step puts you at serious risk should you get into a collision before you have coverage. Instead, just call us about new car coverage in Corydon, IN today.

You have many insurance options. Our clients come to the Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency because they trust us to find the right policies for them. If you’re in need of replacement coverage in Corydon, IN for your new car or truck, contact us now.

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