My Roof Is Leaking After a Storm—What Should I Do?

If you have leaks coming into your home through your roof after a recent storm, it’s important to take prompt action to resolve the issue. This means not only making the repairs, but also contacting your insurance company if the problem is significant enough that you’ll need to file a claim on your homeowners insurance policy in Corydon, IN.

Roof leaks can cause significant damage to your home if left unchecked, requiring extremely expensive repairs. Here’s what you should know about dealing with insurance after noticing a storm damage-related roof leak.

Will water damage be covered?

In most cases, homeowners insurance policies will cover roof leaks and water damage, unless they are caused by gross negligence. If, for example, your roof had already been in poor condition and you failed to take proper action to repair it, you might not be able to be covered, as homeowners insurance will not cover preventable property damage.

The big issue, then, is determining if there’s any feasible way you could have prevented the leak from occurring. You must be able to demonstrate the leak was caused suddenly and by an unexpected occurrence. A windstorm getting serious and ripping off shingles or causing a tree branch to fall and damage your roof would certainly qualify.

When will I not be covered?

There are some circumstances in which you won’t be covered for roof leaks and water damage. If the damage is caused by sewage or drain backups, you’ll need additional roof insurance in Corydon, IN beyond your standard policy.

In addition, as mentioned above, preventable issues that cause flooding are not covered. A common example is if you have clogged rain gutters, resulting in water flowing down the sides of your home and pooling up around the foundation. This can cause water damage in your home that could have been prevented, because you failed to clean out your gutters and in so doing failed to properly maintain your property.

You should also know that any damage caused by manufacturing defects in your roofing material or errors of installation are not covered. The good news is that if you worked with a reputable roofer, you will have some guarantees on the work and warranties on the materials that will last for quite a long time after initial installation. Make sure you hold on to all of that paperwork!

Finally, flooding caused by natural disasters like hurricanes or major storms is typically excluded from homeowners insurance policies in Corydon, IN. However, you can purchase separate flood insurance policies for your home. In fact, doing so may be mandatory if you live in a government-defined floodplain. Flood insurance premiums can be expensive, so it’s important to carefully consider whether or not you actually need this coverage for your home.

For more information about the steps you should take to work with your insurance company after you’ve sustained home damage caused by a roof leak, contact Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency about roof insurance in Corydon, IN. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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