Attention, Bar Owners: What Is Liquor License Liability?

If you’re a bar owner, relying on your general liability insurance policy isn’t enough. Liquor liability insurance in Corydon, IN can either be added to your general liability insurance, or purchased separately—but as a business that makes a profit from selling alcohol, you shouldn’t skip it.

What is liquor license liability insurance?

Any business that manufactures, sells, distributes, serves or supplies liquor to others needs to get a liquor liability policy. This type of policy helps cover medical bills, legal fees or settlements. As a bar owner, you probably know that you’re obligated to stop serving anyone who appears to be intoxicated and getting ready to drive home. If you or your employees don’t take action to stop that from happening, you may be held liable.

For example, if an intoxicated person was served at your bar, drives home and kills someone, it’s possible that you could be held responsible—even though it was their own bad decision. As a liquor provider, you have a special responsibility to your customers and the people they could injure.

Having liquor liability insurance protects you from the massive bills that can arise from civil lawsuits. In some areas, liquor liability insurance is required before you can be issued a liquor license—be sure to check the laws in your state and county.

How to mitigate your risk

In addition to purchasing a suitable liquor liability insurance policy in Corydon, IN, there are a few other things you can do to mitigate the risks you take when alcohol is involved:

  • Special training for employees: You and your employees should take training classes for serving alcohol. Most states offer these, but there are private companies who will train your business, too. You’ll learn how to safely serve alcohol, avoid conflict and keep an eye on patrons.
  • Offer a breathalyzer test: Breathalyzers are relatively inexpensive, and can convince patrons they’re too drunk to drive. Keep one behind the bar and offer to let a patron use it when they seem like they’re ready to drive themselves home.
  • Promote non-alcoholic beverages and food: Bars should have food and a few non-alcoholic drinks—beyond soda and water—to offer patrons who want to keep socializing but need to sober up. It’s a great way to help people pace themselves.
  • Keep rideshare and taxi information handy: Make sure you have the number of a taxi service on hand, and can help your customers request a rideshare ride if they’re too intoxicated to do so themselves.
  • Encourage customers to slow down: Finally, practice a few ways to encourage your customers to stop drinking, or at least slow down. Non-alcoholic drinks can help, but sometimes you’ll need to step in and cut the customer off. Knowing what to do in that situation will help your employees bartend with confidence.

If you need a liquor license liability policy in Corydon, IN, the team at Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency can help. Call us today to get started with a consultation. We look forward to assisting you!

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