The Ultimate Guide to Home Maintenance

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to stay on top of your ongoing maintenance so you can keep your house in good condition, maintain its property value and avoid accidentally voiding your homeowners insurance policy in Corydon, IN.

It’s always important to remember that home insurance will not cover damage that occurs as a result of lack of maintenance—it will only cover damage caused by unexpected events. You can’t expect insurance to cover repairs to your house that wouldn’t have been necessary if you had performed basic preventative maintenance.

Here’s a quick example of some of the steps you can take to maintain your home so you can avoid troubles with insurance if something happens down the road:

  • Clean your gutters: A couple times a year, you should check and clean out your gutters. Getting rid of the debris will prevent blockages in your gutter that could result in water pooling around your foundation, potentially causing damage. It also will prevent the blockages from freezing during the winter, which would result in excess weight potentially pulling away the fascia from your home.
  • Check your sump pump: Every now and then you should check to make sure your sump pump is operating properly so you can avoid flood damage in your basement. Pour a few gallons of water into your sump pit and make sure the pump kicks into gear and operates properly. If not, repair or replace it so you can be prepared for the next storm that will hit your home.
  • Fix plumbing issues when they arise: If you’ve noticed dripping faucets or running toilets, you should repair those problems as soon as possible so you can prevent them from turning into larger, potentially more expensive issues.
  • Test smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors: At least once a year, you should check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re working properly, which will provide an extra level of security at your home.
  • Clean your chimney: If you have a wood-burning fireplace, this is especially important. Over time, burning wood will result in a buildup of creosote inside the chimney, which is extremely flammable and will accumulate in greater quantities if you do not regularly clean it out. The removal of creosote will help you stay safe when using your fireplace, and significantly lower your risk of a chimney fire.
  • Inspect your house: Regularly inspect your home’s exterior, paying particular attention to cracks in cement, damaged shingles or siding, loose steps or rotting deck boards. Anything that needs to be repaired should be addressed quickly before the problems spread or lead to other types of damage.
  • Inspect your HVAC: You should have your HVAC system regularly inspected and maintained by professional technicians to keep it operating safely and efficiently for as long as possible.

For more information about some of the basic home maintenance steps you can take to keep your home in good condition and maintain your home insurance coverage in 47112, contact Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency today.

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