Six Reasons to Buy Life Insurance

Home, auto and health insurance are standard safeguards that most people employ, but what about life insurance? Although life insurance isn’t required like health and auto insurance are in many states, it could still benefit you to consider a policy.

If you’re shopping around for different life insurance policies in the 47112 area, you’re not alone. Millions of people purchase life insurance policies each year, and there are several reasons why you should become one of them. Here are six reasons to buy a life insurance policy in Corydon, IN:

  • You can protect your family: This is the main reason most people purchase life insurance. If you’re the main financial provider for your family and the unthinkable were to happen, your loved ones might struggle to make ends meet. Purchasing a life insurance policy ensures that doesn’t happen.
  • You can cover outstanding debts: Depending on the state you live in and the nature of any debts you have, a premature death may mean that your heirs are liable to pay off the remaining balance. Having life insurance would prevent this scenario and give your loved ones one less thing to worry about.
  • You can pay for funeral expenses: Although funerals are a common part of the grieving process, the various costs associated with them can exceed several thousand dollars. This is because the process of transporting the body, embalming the body, purchasing a casket, burying the body and holding a funeral service is pretty involved, and has lots of overhead. Life insurance would make this process less of a headache.
  • You’re going to get married soon: If you’re going to be tying the knot soon, investing in a life insurance policy for yourself or both of you is a shrewd way to begin your financial lives together. A life insurance policy makes sense regardless of whether you both earn an income, but can act as a security blanket if one partner does not.
  • You’re going to be having a child in the near future: When you buy a life insurance policy, you do it with your family in mind, so it stands to reason that you should purchase one when your family grows to include children. If one parent elects to stay home and help with the child, taking a life insurance policy on whoever is the breadwinner would make sure a premature death wouldn’t result in a financial catastrophe.
  • You can supplement your child’s college fund: If you’re going to be having a child, and you plan on saving up for them to attend college, a life insurance policy could serve as a complement to what you’ve already saved if you were to suffer an untimely death. Life insurance could greatly help to secure your child’s future, which can offer you peace of mind.

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