Should I Winterize My Boat? You Should—and Here’s Why

Yet another boating season has come and gone. If you haven’t winterized your boat yet, it’s important you get that done quickly, as the winter weather is fast approaching.

But what exactly does it mean to winterize a boat, and why is this such an important task? Here’s a quick overview of what every boat owner needs to know.

Winterizing a boat

The process of winterizing a boat can involve different things for different boat owners, depending on the size and type of the boat and where and how it will be stored. The general idea is that winterization involves all of the necessary tasks to remove the boat from the water and prepare it for seasonal storage until the spring arrives and a new boating season begins.

When the boating season is over, it’s important to analyze the condition of your boat and then take all of the necessary steps to protect the motor and all of the water circulating components that surround it. You should inspect the manifolds, water circulation pump and other such parts.

You should begin the process of winterizing your boat as soon as you’re sure you will no longer be using your boat for the season. It’s best to get the job done before the weather gets too unpleasant. You should absolutely get the work done before there’s any threat of a freeze—having your boat in the water during freezing conditions could result in some significant damage to the hull and to various mechanical components.

The earlier you get the job done, the more likely it is you’ll be able to avoid issues with excessive moisture and mold. Ideally you will have your boat in its storage location and all wrapped up before any freeze occurs so you can keep out moisture and prevent mold from forming in the spring. If you wrap up a boat while it’s soggy, you will have a lot of issues with moss and mold once you open it back up.

If you have a dry, heated, indoor storage location for your boat, you don’t need to worry as much about the elements. But if you’re going to be storing the boat outside in a designated parking area, it’s critical that you be efficient with your winterization to avoid that potential damage.

Seeking professional assistance

Winterizing a boat is something you can do yourself with a bit of help from your friends. But there is always professional help available to ensure you get the job done efficiently and correctly.

Professionals will be able to get you through the process in such a way that you can avoid potential damage to your boat, both from maneuvering it around and from improper storage. Pros will also handle all of the tasks aside from moving the boat and wrapping it up, including fuel maintenance, system checks, cleaning and various other tasks that should be performed before winter storage.

For more information about how you can winterize your boat to protect your investment and avoid insurance-related issues, contact Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency.

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