Six Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

Some people love motorcycle riding in the rain, while others prefer calm, sunny days for a leisurely ride. Whether you love it or not, riding your bike in the rain can be a slippery challenge, requiring you to stay calm and drive smoothly.

Read on to discover six important tips that will help you ride your motorcycle safely in rainy weather.

Watch out for puddles

Always assume that puddles are deeper than they look. At worst, they could be hiding a significant pothole that can be dangerous. If you have no way to avoid driving over a puddle, make sure you hold the throttle steady, keep off the breaks and keep the bike upright.

Avoid slippery surfaces

Think about some of the surfaces that are slippery to drive on during dry weather. After a rain, things like painted lines, metal plates and manhole covers become perilously slippery. If you’re bike riding in the rain and you find yourself caught on any of these elements, don’t brake hard or accelerate. Simply roll over them without making sudden movements.

Look out for oil

Avoid slippery oil pools at all costs. As you’re driving in the rain, look out for oil slicks. They’re usually present at intersections where vehicles sit and leak oil. As a general rule, use caution whenever you’re stopping at intersections or crossing through them during and after a rain.

Drive in dry lines

If possible, drive in the dry tire tracks the vehicles in front of you have left on the road. As cars travel on wet roads, their wheels act like a plow and push water out of the way for a few moments. Take advantage of that dry pavement, but make sure to keep your distance from vehicles ahead of you.

Wear the right gear

Wearing proper riding gear is one of the best safety measures you can take when it comes to riding a motorcycle in rainy weather. Make sure you’re wearing windproof, breathable and waterproof jackets, pants and gloves—better yet, wear visible waterproof gear to help other drivers on the road see you. Wear goggles or face shields, but make sure they’re treated with anti-fog coatings to preserve visibility.

Know when to stop

If the rain is coming down in sheets or if high winds become a factor while you’re driving, pull over in a safe spot, and take a break. When visibility is significantly reduced, driving is dangerous for you and others on the road. Not only is it harder for you to see, but it’s harder for other drivers to see you. Play it safe and take a break from driving until conditions clear up.

Motorcycle riding in the rain isn’t a big deal as long as you drive safely and with great care. No matter the season or the weather outside, it’s important make sure you’re protected with comprehensive motorcycle insurance. Reach out to the team at Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency today to pick the right motorcycle insurance policy for you.

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