What Is SR-22?

We all make mistakes, which sometimes lead to consequences like suspended driving privileges. Though this can seem like a terrible thing that will be impossible to overcome, it is not. There are a few different forms you need to fill out to get those driving privileges reinstated and a few different things you will need to show the court, including an SR-22.

What Is SR-22 in Indiana?

When asking what is SR-22, it is easiest to put it into simple terms. This is a piece of paper that proves you have financial responsibility for the vehicle that you are driving, or that you have insurance on the car you are driving. Insurance is required by state law and federal law to protect you and other drivers.

If you do not have insurance on the vehicle that you are driving, you are in violation of the law and can be arrested. No matter what the reason for your suspension of driving privileges, you do have to have a current SR-22 form on file for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in Indiana in order to be able to obtain tags for your vehicle each year and keep your license current.

How Do I Get an SR-22 in Indiana?

The first step is to get in touch with an insurance agency and purchase a policy for your vehicle. You cannot get an SR-22 unless you hold a current, active policy. Many insurance companies have a self-service option where you can access your online account and get an SR-22 to print out and take to the BMV.

If your insurance company does not, or you are unsure if you are printing out the right thing, you can always call an agent, and they can walk you through the steps to find the right paperwork so that you can take it to the BMV. There are a ton of different reasons that you might need an SR-22, but the main two are to get your driving privileges reinstated for whatever reason or to get new tags for your vehicle each year.

It is required that this paper is on file so that the BMV can prove that you have insurance on the vehicle and that in order to get it registered and tagged in the state of Indiana, you have proven that you have insurance on it. Insurance is a huge deal, you need it to help pay your bills if something should happen and to help cover the costs of other drivers should you get into an accident.

You can contact an insurance agent today to find out more and get a policy that works for you and your vehicle and any supporting paperwork you might need.

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