Fireplace Safety Tips

A fireplace is a lovely and convenient addition to any home, and you are fortunate to have one. However, you must always stay aware of the most essential fireplace safety tips for homeowners. Here is a list of some smart practices you can use to ensure that you and your family remain safe when using the fireplace:

Maintain Good Ventilation

Ensuring that you have the proper amount of ventilation is an absolute must. Thus, you’ll need to keep a window cracked to allow fresh air to enter the area. You should also take advantage of any carbon monoxide detectors you might have. 

Keep Flammable Items out of the Dangerous Zone

Keeping flammables out of the line of fire is another one of the most effective fire safety tips. Items such as paper towels, cardboard, magazines, and newspapers should be kept away from the flames to prevent an uncontrollable igniting incident. You can ensure that doesn’t happen by checking around to ensure that nothing is close to the area. A quick visual inspection should suffice. 

Use the Right Cords

If you are using an electric system, you’ll need to ensure that you use the proper cords that belong with your unit. Make sure you take the time to read the specifications and connect the appropriate wattage rating. You’ll also need to ensure that cords are the right gauge for your system. Some fireplaces require thicker gauges than others. Furthermore, ensure that you inspect the sockets to check for issues before connecting any cords. 

Make Sure Your Wood Is Dry and Seasoned

You might be tempted to use any wood that’s available. However, it’s vital that the wood you use is not just dry but also seasoned. You can tell that it’s seasoned by its dark appearance, cracked texture, and hollow end. If all these things are going on at the same time, you know you have the right type of wood. Using dry wood will ensure you can maintain the long-lasting flame you desire. 

Avoid Using Gas To Start Your Fire

Do not use gas to start your fire. Gas can cause an uncontrollable flame that can cause issues in a very brief amount of time. Instead, you can use something safer. Examples of safe items to start your fire include newspaper and organic fire starters. You should avoid using anything like kerosene, gasoline, and charcoal starters.

Install Protective Glass Doors

Add some glass doors to your fireplace to keep the loose embers in check. That way, they won’t break free and set something ablaze that you might have near the fireplace. They are inexpensive additions that can reduce the likelihood of a fire greatly.  

You should now have a good idea of what to do to maintain a high level of safety when you use your fireplace. Follow those tips exactly, and you should get along just fine with few to no accidents. It’s also wise to have a homeowner’s policy in case something unfortunate ever happens. You can contact Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency to discuss available options for your home. 

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