How To Keep Your Family Safe From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to understand how to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning. After all, it’s a dangerous gas that can incapacitate people within minutes at high levels.

Get Carbon Monoxide Detectors!

One of the best ways to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning is by installing a CO detector. This gas is extremely dangerous for anyone who breathes it, as it prevents the body from getting the oxygen it needs to function properly. The CDC says infants, the elderly, and those with heart conditions, lung problems or cancer are at greater risk for illness or death from CO poisoning. Homeowners should install at least one carbon monoxide detector in each hallway near all bedrooms. They should also check the batteries of these alarms every spring and fall.

Know Your Appliances

It would be great if your appliances never broke or malfunctioned, but life isn’t perfect. That’s why it is important to know your appliances and how they work, so you can avoid any unnecessary risks. When fuel-burning equipment (furnaces, gas water heaters, generators, fireplaces) or other sources of carbon monoxide aren’t working properly, they can emit toxic fumes that can make people sick and even cause death. To help prevent this from happening, be sure to have all your furnaces, water heaters, and any other appliances that burn fuel inspected by a professional every year.

Test Your Alarms Regularly

If you want to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide poisoning it is important to test your alarms regularly. This not only protects your family but it also fulfils legal and insurance requirements. Testing your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is easy, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You can either spray the device with a specially formulated aerosol spray designed to test detectors or light several matches underneath the sensor. Just make sure to alert your family that you are about to do a test and that they are prepared for the noise.

Get A Professional Inspection

Getting a professional inspection is an important step to ensure your family’s safety. The inspector will examine the home and its various systems. This includes heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical aspects. They will also check appliances and vents. Then, they’ll take note of any problems they find and document them in a written report that you can later reference. And if you were looking to move, regardless of whether you’re looking for a new home or a pre-owned property, it’s always a good idea to get a professional inspection. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that your house is in good condition.

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