Auto Insurance in Corydon, IN

Every time you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, you should do so with complete confidence—not just in your driving skills, but in the fact that you have comprehensive auto insurance in Corydon, IN, as well. Whether you’re driving an old beater or a brand-new late-model car, Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency will make sure you’re insured appropriately.

Planning on hitting the water in a boat? Taking to the highway for a motorcycle trip? We insure all types of vehicles! Whatever our Corydon, IN clients are driving, we’re insuring.

  • Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Mobile Homeowners Insurance
  • Boat Insurance

Covering All Vehicles

By land or by sea, no matter how many wheels it has (or doesn’t have), we’ve got you covered. Our scope of vehicle policies covers car, truck, boat, mobile home insurance, in any capacity you need it. From comprehensive to collision, liability and beyond, we protect you against the unexpected. Our policies are also incredibly affordable, so you’re not paying an arm and a leg to protect yourself.


Car Insurance

Competitively Priced Car Insurance Options

While some insurance providers offer stock options for car, motorcycle and boat insurance, we know it’s not that simple. You need different coverage options that accommodate your daily driver, your weekend cruiser and your seasonal recreational vehicles. Turn to us for the right coverage at the right price. We tailor every policy to our Corydon and White Cloud, IN customers!

Stay Safe on the Road

Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency wants to help protect you from accidents and injuries, no matter where the road takes you. If you need car, motorcycle, RV or boat insurance, talk with us. We’ll comb through car insurance and commercial vehicle policies to find one that fits your needs and your budget, no matter your vehicle. Contact us today at 812-738-1536 and let us help protect you!