Commercial Vehicle Insurance in Corydon, IN

Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency works with businesses throughout Corydon, IN to secure the right commercial vehicle insurance for their utility vehicles and fleets. Whether you’ve got a company car or an entire garage of essential vehicles, we help you find a policy that protects your business against any liability that might occur out on the road. We have access to policies of varying coverages for businesses of all types, and will take the time to pair you with the right one.

Full Insurance For All Fleet Vehicles

Fleets come in all sizes and types. Whether you’re a delivery service utilizing Sprinter vans or have company cars for your mobile staff, it’s important to ensure they’re well-maintained and fully insured. Before anyone in your organization gets behind the wheel, call us for fleet vehicle insurance. We offer car insurance options that cover every type of vehicle in your garage.

  • Box trucks
  • Cars
  • Food trucks
  • Pickup trucks
  • Sprinter vans
  • Utility trucks
Fleet Insurance

What’s Covered Under Fleet Insurance?

The purpose of fleet insurance, like other forms of business insurance, is to protect not only the vehicle, but anyone in it and any property that might be involved in an accident. We’re here to help Corydon, IN businesses avoid liability by protecting their fleet with a comprehensive policy designed for peace of mind. Chat with us to determine your need for coverage and to get a policy that spans any liability arising from an unexpected incident.

  • Damage to property
  • Damage to the fleet vehicle
  • Driver or passenger injury
  • Injury to pedestrians or other drivers

Protect Your Workers and Your Fleet

From one car to an entire fleet of trucks and vans, we know how important your fleet vehicles are to your business. Trust Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency to help you find a policy that covers them all and the important people behind the wheel. Contact us today at 812-738-1536 to begin discussing fleet vehicle insurance options.