Five Safety Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle at Night

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most liberating and free experiences many people ever get the chance to enjoy. All of this freedom and control can come with a lot of responsibility, however—motorcycles can be notoriously dangerous when operated unsafely. Beyond that, a lot can happen to motorcyclists that’s outside of their control, especially given that other drivers on the road simply have trouble spotting them. Luckily, there are some simple tips you can follow for riding your motorcycle at night in Corydon, IN to keep yourself safe and enjoying the road:

  • Don’t drink and ride: This one sounds obvious, but it is so vitally important. A huge portion of motorcyclist deaths take place late at night over weekends, when people are more likely to have had a few drinks before climbing onto their bikes. This should never happen—if you believe you’ve had too much to drink before operating your motorcycle, then you already know it’s time to call a cab or a friend for a ride home.
  • Wear visible clothing: Visibility is a leading contributor to many accidents that wind up hurting motorcyclists, so it’s a good idea to be proactive about your appearance when riding your motorcycle at night in Corydon, IN. High-visibility clothing that includes fluorescent colors and reflective strips can really be a boon to your safety—some studies show that motorcyclists may be 37 percent less likely to be in a crash if they have this type of clothing on.
  • Check your equipment: In addition to your clothing, your other equipment can also go a long way towards protecting yourself when you’re riding your motorcycle at night in Corydon, IN. Make sure your helmet visor is always clean and free from any smudges and scratches, for example—this will help your ability to see obstacles and other vehicles. You also shouldn’t go with a tinted visor at night—there’s too much of a chance that the darkening will obscure your vision as well.
  • Ride loudly: Louder bikes are more noticeable—anyone who has ever heard someone open up their throttle in a crowded city can tell you that. However, this also serves a safety purpose. If your bike is louder, it helps oncoming motorists take note of your presence.
  • Ride defensively: Simply put, defensive riding means always thinking about what you would do if the people around did something dangerous and unexpected. That way, on the rare occasions when this actually happens, you’re in the right frame of mind to quickly respond to the challenge.

When customers ask us how they can ride their motorcycles at night in Corydon, IN in a safe manner, there are other tips we can offer besides the quick ones outlined above. One of the other ways you can prepare for the worst is by being certain your insurance is up to date and at appropriate coverage levels. The Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency can help you navigate those decisions—give our team a call today to learn more!

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