Tips for Sharing the Road with Bicyclists

Bicycles provide great opportunities for recreation, commuting and exercise, but sharing the road can create some concerns for drivers and cyclists alike. Whether you live in a high-traffic area or a rural neighborhood, it’s important to make sure you know how to safely share the road with cyclists.

How to safely share the road with bicyclists in Corydon, IN

Safely sharing the road with bicyclists is incredibly important for everyone, but it can be difficult for many drivers to know how to safely navigate the road while also making room for cyclists. Thankfully, there are some simple tips that can make it much easier to share the road with people who are riding their bicycles. Here are some of the best ways to drive safely when there are cyclists on the road:

  • Be aware of cyclists: One of the most important things for drivers to do is simply be aware of any cyclists on the road. The more aware and alert drivers are, the less likely it is that they will be caught off guard by a cyclist they didn’t notice at first. Keep your eye out for cyclists, and be aware that cyclists don’t always follow the rules of the road, so be mindful and use extra caution around them.
  • Give extra space and time: Many collisions between cyclists and drivers happen when drivers go too fast or follow too close behind cyclists. With that in mind, it’s important to slow down when you see a cyclist on the road and give them plenty of space. Avoid passing cyclists while going around a corner or over a hill, and make sure you have full visibility ahead of you while passing cyclists on the road.
  • Pay attention before opening the door: Once you’ve parked your car, don’t open your door quickly without first looking around. Check your mirrors and look in your blind spot once you’ve parked to make sure there aren’t any oncoming cyclists who might accidentally crash into your door.
  • Avoid honking: Cars honking their horns can be alarming to drivers, but it’s even more startling to cyclists. A honking horn can be so loud that it causes cyclists to jolt and lose control of their bikes. If possible, avoid honking the horn at all, even at other drivers, when sharing the road with cyclists. This will help prevent cyclists from losing control of their bikes and keep everyone safer.

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