Why Is Auto Insurance Important?

As you consider your various living expenses, you may wonder why you are paying for auto insurance in Corydon, IN. With so many other things you’d probably rather spend your money on, why pay for car insurance in 47112?

The fact is, auto insurance is crucial. It offers unique protections that you can’t afford to miss. Here’s the scoop.

Financial liabilities

Auto insurance in Corydon, IN provides financial protection. If you get in an accident, the insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle that might otherwise be unaffordable. Even more importantly, if the accident is your fault and you must pay for damage to another vehicle or property, your insurance policy will provide coverage for these costs. Considering that even minor accidents can result in car body repairs up to $1,500, it’s easy to see why it’s important to have auto insurance in Corydon, IN.

Medical expenses

If you are in an accident that results in personal injuries, your car insurance in 47112 will help with the related medical expenses—for both yourself and others involved. We all know how expensive medical care can be. Without auto insurance in Corydon, IN, it might be impossible to cover the costs of treatment after an accident.

Legal consequences

Car accidents can result in a variety of legal issues. First, you may experience a lawsuit if you injure another person or damage property. It will be helpful if you have insurance coverage to assist with these costs.

Second, most states require by law that drivers have auto insurance in Corydon, IN. If you drive without coverage, you will be breaking the law. If caught without insurance, you may suffer a fine, license suspension or other legal action against you.


Car accidents aren’t the only unexpected events that might result in the need for costly repairs. Vandalism, hail, fire, theft and animal damage are all surprises that may occur. Any of these situations can cause major damage to your vehicle that is expensive to repair. Without insurance, you may not be able to recover from these damages.

Adequate coverage

Considering the various perils that auto insurance in Corydon, IN protects you against, you may wonder what type and how much insurance coverage is appropriate. Minimum requirements vary by state, and your policy can be tailored based on your personal needs. Therefore, it is important to review local laws and your lifestyle to determine what coverage is best for your situation.

Possible coverage includes property damage, bodily injury, personal injury protection, liability, comprehensive and more. Each type of coverage also varies by deductible and limits. To figure out the best coverage to suit your needs, consult with an insurance professional.

Get essential protection

Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency has been the premier source for reliable auto insurance in Corydon, IN since 1988. We offer affordable insurance solutions to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today to consult with one of our auto insurance experts. We are here to answer any questions you have and to provide the ideal coverage for your vehicle, lifestyle and budget.

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