Five Reasons Why You Need Motorcycle Insurance

Helmets, gloves, riding boots, pants and a protective jacket are all essential forms of protection for motorcyclists, but so is motorcycle insurance. The right policy can cover not just repairs and replacement costs in the event of an accident, but also associated medical bills for anyone injured. No matter how frequently you ride your motorcycle, a strong insurance policy is a wise investment. Read on to get an understanding of the five most important reasons to buy motorcycle insurance.

Legal requirements

First and foremost, motorcycle insurance is legally required in nearly every state—the only exceptions are Hawaii, Michigan, Montana and New Hampshire. In every other state, motorcyclists are required to have liability insurance, at minimum. Keep in mind that liability insurance won’t cover injuries to yourself or damage to your motorcycle, but it does help you cover cost of damage to other injured parties or property owners.

It’s recommended for all motorcyclists to purchase motorcycle insurance. Policyholders with motorcycle insurance are covered from some of the financial damages that may be incurred in the event of an accident, providing you with greater peace of mind whenever you go out to ride.

Coverage in the event of an injury

Liability insurance doesn’t cover injuries you may incur in an accident. There are two types of motorcycle insurance you can purchase to cover injury to yourself and your property: personal injury and collision coverage. Personal injury insurance offers reimbursement for your healthcare expenses if you’re involved in an accident, while collision coverage helps pay for damage to your vehicle.

Motorcycles are more prone to theft compared to cars

Motorcycle theft is a growing crime, fueled in part by how easy it is to steal these vehicles. They’re much easier to steal than cars, and they’re harder to track down, too. It’s wise to invest in comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle, providing coverage from theft and other unfortunate events including vandalism and natural disasters like fires and floods.

Coverage in case of a breakdown

Motorcycle repair insurance is an optional type of coverage that can be a big help if your bike experiences any type of mechanical breakdown. These policies are similar to an extended warranty, covering repairs that may otherwise be too expensive to pay on your own. They can even include roadside assistance and towing for your convenience.

Motorcycle insurance can cover your passengers, too

Plan on giving anyone a ride on your bike? If you are, you should research your motorcycle insurance policy carefully. The passengers who ride with you on your motorcycle may not have good insurance coverage themselves, putting them at risk in the event of an accident. If you choose a good motorcycle insurance policy, they won’t have to worry about covering all medical costs associated with a motorcycle accident.

There are many reasons to buy motorcycle insurance. Overall, investing in a strong policy gives you peace of mind, helping you enjoy every ride to the fullest. Contact Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency today to discover the best motorcycle insurance policy for you.

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