Renters Insurance Policies in Corydon, IN

Even if you don’t own the place where you live, there are still ways to protect yourself and your belongings from the unforeseen. Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency offers renters’ insurance policies with varying coverage options, allowing you to protect yourself each month at a low, affordable cost. Whether it’s your first apartment or you’ve been renting for years, staying current on renters’ insurance is the smartest thing any English or Corydon, IN renter can do.

Protect Your Property

You may not own the home or apartment you live in, but you certainly own the possessions that reside within it. Renter insurance protects your belongings from damage and destruction, so you’re covered in the event of fire, theft and other damages.

What many renters don’t realize is that renters’ insurance is incredibly affordable! We offer policies for single renters as well as couples, and will help you get coverage for all your most valuable possessions.

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What Does Renter Insurance Cover?

Renters’ insurance covers many of the same things as homeowners’ insurance, but without coverage for the domicile itself. That typically means much more affordable premiums. Whether you’re renting for the first time or changing residences, make sure you’re getting renters’ insurance to protect you from any unexpected damages or accidents.

  • Electronics and appliances
  • Furniture and clothing
  • Accidental damage to other property
  • Personal injury and attorney fees (in the event of injury)

Feel Safe While You Rent

Renters deserve the peace of mind that comes with renters’ insurance. If you’re living in someone else’s property, make sure you’re doing what you can to protect yourself and your belongings from harm. Reach out to Harvey Sarles Insurance Agency today to discuss renters’ insurance policies and coverage options. Call us today at 812-738-1536 and chat with us directly!